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Linux now running on Playstation 4

Finding ways to break into platforms has become somewhat of an art form. Since the launch of Playstation 4 we have seen a number of attempts to break into the platform, with a Brazilian...


Geeksphere: Episode 107 – GOT

In this episode Skip Parker (@urbankiwinz), Brad Borrows (@bradbor) and Craig Brock (@bulldognz) discuss the following; Aussies go pirate hunting, SP3 launches, CAA cracks down on drones, Playstation 4 update, Aussies go after the...


#LightboxNZ comes to the Playstation 4

Well it certainly looks like 2015 is fast becoming the battle for the Kiwi Television. However just to whet your appetite current new comer Lightbox has taken the battle one step further, by announcing the availability...