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Geeksphere: Episode 126 – Windows 95

In this episode Skip Parker (@urbankiwinz), Brad Borrows (@bradbor) and Craig Brock (@bulldognz) discuss the following; Android Pay, LG 10 inch tablets, Amazon drops flash, Firefox adopts chrome add-ons, Mako networks issues, Windows banned...


LG’s Smart Home Range Expands

CES 2015 certainly is the year that the Smart Home made its presence felt. There were plenty of offerings from many vendors on site, yet only a few major manufacturers are willing to prepare...


LG’s Home Appliances at CES 2015

This year LG haveĀ almost literally brought the kitchen sink to CES 2015. Well…. There’s plenty of home appliances on offer, and with a significant amount of smarts. Check out their presentation on what LG...